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The board of directors and some members met on March 24 over ZOOM to discuss the future of OREIA. During the meeting the group discussed OREIA's past and recent developments over the last two years including challenges posed by the COVID pandemic and competing organizations providing OCHI credits.

While dissolution of OREIA was discussed, it was decided to take some time to research options for administrative management.

One of the main challenges OREIA faces is a lack of volunteers. OREIA does not have a full board of directors, and without that, it cannot continue as an association. So, OREIA is looking for a volunteer or two to join Andrew Erickson, Steve Nagel and David DeKlyen as board members. The primary task over the next few months will be to research the administrative options for OREIA and to determine its future.

In the meantime, OREIA will take some time out to assess the future. No seminars will be scheduled during this time. So, dues will be discontinued for the next few months. If you have paid dues this year, those will be prorated for when the association starts up again.  

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, contact our current board members: 

Steve Nagel:

Andre Erickson:

David DeKlyen:


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Membership with Oregon Real Estate Inspectors Association can be one of the most valuable and cost-effective resources available to new and experienced inspectors.  While national associations provide general education and reflect a nationwide perspective, they do not address all the issues that Oregon inspectors encounter. If you are contemplating working in the Oregon market, you should be aware of what you'll encounter and what the prevailing local professional standard is, beyond what is prescribed by the State of Oregon. 

Little is more embarrassing and expensive for a new inspector than a client or realtor finding fault with the inspection report. By attending the OREIA seminars and interacting with the membership, you will learn about local conditions and issues from Oregon inspectors who have spent years in this market.

OREIA seminars will offer you the opportunity to network with other local inspectors to learn how to navigate the challenges of this industry. Membership will further serve to mitigate and manage any professional liability.


Advice For New Inspectors

The State of Oregon has certified over 1500 home inspectors since 1997 and approximately 75% of those certifications are inactive. Home Inspection is a highly competitive business and most people contemplating becoming an inspector grossly underestimate the amount of time and money it takes to establish a successful business and a successful inspection practice.

Working as a home inspector can be a rewarding career, but it takes a significant commitment of time and money to start a business and establish a practice. Anyone considering entering the home inspection profession should make an effort to realistically assess the commitment needed to succeed. Most new and old inspectors are open to talking with new prospects and can provide insight into the real life challenges that are inherent in this type of work.

There is very little opportunity to work as an employee of an inspection company and most inspectors are self-employed. Therefore, a lot of the learning will require your personal effort, but it will be worth it! 

Once you are licensed, ORIEA can help maintain your license through our continuing education classes for home inspectors. Some other associations also offer continuing education including the Oregon Pest Control Association

If you are considering becoming a home inspector, review the State of Oregon's requirements for licensing, certification, insurance and bonding. The state of Oregon website with the Construction Contractor's Board, Oregon Certified Home Inspector Program (OCHI) has a lot of information on the process. Click HERE for more information. 

Become a Vendor Member

If you are in a trade that supports real estate inspectors, consider the exposure and access provided by OREIA Vendor Membership. We are regularly in a position to refer contractors on a variety of home-related services. Vendor members also are offered discounted exhibitor tables at our OREIA seminars, held three times a year and drawing on average 30-40 attendees. Vendor members also receive a logo and link on our website. Contact the OREIA office if you are interested in sponsoring a seminar; dues are $295 per year. To Join OREIA, Click HERE

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