How To Prepare Buyers For The Inspection

Housing sales create stress and are emotionally draining for buyers and sellers. The term “buyer’s remorse” was born out of the inherent stress involved in making these transactions. As a Realtor, anything you can do to reduce stress to the situation will be helpful.
From the viewpoint of a home inspector, there are three significant ways to reduce buyer stress and improve the chances of completing a sale successfully and obtaining referrals from satisfied clients.
The first thing every Realtor should do is to cultivate the trust of their client. As a Realtor, your actions need to match your words in this regard. It takes a conscious effort and if it does not appear sincere to your client, you will have to work twice as hard to get back in their good graces. Most people are polite and do not want to hurt the feelings of others, so you will have to watch body language and be attuned to your client to determine if you have gained their trust. The clients of many successful Realtors are often of the opinion that their long term welfare is more important to that Realtor than the immediate sales commission. Cultivating this level of trust is a lot of work and takes finesse.
The second thing every Realtor should do to reduce the stress level of their buyer is to not create any false expectations. Your client should expect some issues to be discovered during the home inspection. If a buyer has been led to believe there will be no problems and then problems suddenly appear, it is a farther fall from high expectations than it is from cautious optimism.
The third thing that every Realtor should acknowledge during this type of transaction is that it takes time for the human conscious to process information and it takes more time to process information that is counter to what the current perception of reality is. Sale agreements and counter offers that do not give either party sufficient time to process information are often rejected. A confused mind says no. Allow enough time for all parties to process the information.

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